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2008 - 2009

Nouvelle Autoroute 30, Montreal,Quebec, Canada

2012年12月建成 Completed December 2012, 运行中 Operational

St Laurent River Bridge

Beauharnois Canal Bridge


Owner and Client: Ministry of TransportQuebec, Canada (MTQ A30 Project website: (http://www.autoroute30.qc.ca/en/default.asp)


2000 - 2001

伦敦千禧桥减振 Vibration Reduction of the London Millennium Bridge

运行中 Operational

建筑师 Architect: 福斯特 Foster + Partners

结构工程师 Structural Engineer: 奥雅纳 Ove Arup & Partners

奥雅纳专门为伦敦千禧桥项目设立的网站 Arup's dedicated website for the London Millennium Bridge:http://www.londonmillenniumbridge.com/